• With Pozitera; You get trained field representatives.
  • With Pozitera; You sell more.
  • With Pozitera; Your message is transferred to the consumer in a better way.
  • With Pozitera; You have sales commitment for your goals.
  • With Pozitera; You have the power to operate in 81 provinces.
  • With Pozitera; You have a retail team working for you.
  • With Pozitera; Stores are more interested in your brand.
  • With Pozitera; Your products take their place in the store where they will be sold best.
  • With Pozitera; You save time.
  • With Pozitera; You know our cost per product.
  • With Pozitera; You have comparative data.
  • With Pozitera; You will be exhibited in the best areas of stores.
  • What is Pozitera expertise, and what does it add to your business?

    Bringing a new perspective to its industry, Pozitera visits more than 5000 retail points monthly with hundreds of shop employees and more than a hundred field directors in 81 cities of Turkey for you. Pozitera uses time and resources correctly with its experience and expertise, minimizing the waiting periods of your products on the shelf and maximizing the speed of sales. Thus, more of your products meet with customers in the field within a very short time.

  • Pozitera advantage in your sales

    With 13 years of experience and expertise in the sector, we know very well which retailer would sell your products better.

  • Pozitera's advantage for your products waiting on the shelf

    With our operational power spread throughout Turkey, and with our experience and expertise of 15 years, we bring together your products on the shelf with the customers and ensure that you achieve your sales goals.

  • Sales Guarantee Pozitera Plus

    We know that you will reach your goals in the field with us; we have been working for you to sell your products without leaving it to chance for 13 years.

  • With Pozitera advantage

    • The waiting period of your products on the shelf is shortened.
    • Your products in stores are sold faster and more.
    • Your sales increase with the right strategy in the right place.
    • Your brand reaches consumers more quickly.
    • You're always one step ahead of your competitors.
  • We owe our expertise to hard working

    Retail Development
    We train store employees for your brand and develop tactical strategies for the most efficient sales to customer.
    We offer special innovations for you to be always one step ahead in the competition.
    Dealer Development
    For our partners who sell products at their own stores, we also include dealers and put the needed sales-increasing-developments into practice.
    We work to ensure that the actual performance and success tracking for the retail operation performed is carried out in the most accurate way.
    To sell your special products, we don't sit and wait for the customer to visit the store. We aim to provide the most accurate promotional experience by personally going to the target customer.

  • +
    monthly shop visits

  • Operating power in 81 provinces and districts

  • +
    field manager staff

  • +
    products sold per hour

  • +
  • We develop tailor-made strategies for your products at sales points to reach your customers as soon as possible.

  • We train your store employees for your brand and develop tactical strategies for the most efficient sales to the customer.

  • We always use the right time and resources to be one step ahead of the competition and we offer you special innovations at the sales points.

  • We are working to ensure that the simultaneous monitoring of performance and success of your retail operation is performed in the most correct way.