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  • With Pozitera; You have the power to operate in 81 provinces.
  • With Pozitera; You have a retail team working for you.
  • With Pozitera; Stores are more interested in your brand.
  • With Pozitera; Your products take their place in the store where they will be sold best.
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Information on the Law No. 6698 on KVK and Company Implementation

As per the Constitution of Republic of Turkey, in accordance with the right of individuals to request their personal data to be protected and as per the Law on Protecting Personal Data no 6698, Pozitera A.Ş. takes necessary technical and administrative measures in order to ensure the processing, protecting in the right and actual way and safely storing the data of all real 3rd parties apart from our employees, particularly our company's current and potential customers. Accordingly, within the context of Personal Data Protection Law, General Disclosure on Processing Personal Data was prepared in order to inform you on the processing, storing and transferring of your personal data.

Collection of Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected in oral, written or electronic form through Pozitera offices, web site, reporting system, social media, mobile applications and similar means. When you use our call centers or our website, Pozitera offices or our website will be able to process and update your personal data when you visit them.

What are your rights within the scope of the law?

Anytime you want, you can apply to Pozitera offices and;
* Learn if your personal data is processed or not; the purpose of its processing and if it was relevant to the purpose; and request information regarding this issue if they have been processed,
* Learn the third persons in or out of the country, as per the Law.
* Request your data to be corrected if you think they were processed incompletely or incorrectly,
* Demand that your data is deleted or destroyed within the conditions stipulated in the 7th article of the Law,
* Request that your demands stated in (c) and (d) clauses are transmitted to the third parties with whom your data has been shared and that the same actions are taken,
You may object to a result occurring against you due to the analysis of your information by automatic systems, or you may want your damages to be compensated if you think that your data has been recorded or used illegally and you suffer damages. In order to use your rights under the law, you can send your applications in writing to our offices, or you can visit the website of the Institution for Protecting Personal Data for detailed information.