• With Pozitera; You get trained field representatives.
  • With Pozitera; You sell more.
  • With Pozitera; Your message is transferred to the consumer in a better way.
  • With Pozitera; You have sales commitment for your goals.
  • With Pozitera; You have the power to operate in 81 provinces.
  • With Pozitera; You have a retail team working for you.
  • With Pozitera; Stores are more interested in your brand.
  • With Pozitera; Your products take their place in the store where they will be sold best.
  • With Pozitera; You save time.
  • With Pozitera; You know our cost per product.
  • With Pozitera; You have comparative data.
  • With Pozitera; You will be exhibited in the best areas of stores.

Reasons of Needs

  • Rapid and continuous change in market and competition conditions
  • Consumers starting to act with a sense of campaign, price and envy instead of brand loyalty
  • The gradual decrease in the difference between the products in the market, and products' becoming similar
  • Extending the decision-making period by multiplying the alternatives of sales points opened one after another, products waiting more on the shelves
  • The difficulty in forming loyal customers and reselling to the same customer...