• With Pozitera; You get trained field representatives.
  • With Pozitera; You sell more.
  • With Pozitera; Your message is transferred to the consumer in a better way.
  • With Pozitera; You have sales commitment for your goals.
  • With Pozitera; You have the power to operate in 81 provinces.
  • With Pozitera; You have a retail team working for you.
  • With Pozitera; Stores are more interested in your brand.
  • With Pozitera; Your products take their place in the store where they will be sold best.
  • With Pozitera; You save time.
  • With Pozitera; You know our cost per product.
  • With Pozitera; You have comparative data.
  • With Pozitera; You will be exhibited in the best areas of stores.

We produce solutions for your products
at points of sales to be sold to your customers
as soon as possible

Pozitera is a retail development company that is proud of providing services to many leading national and international companies. With marketing managers who specialize in their own fields, its vision that closely follows the processes of technological infrastructure and information technologies and includes the current technology to the work flow processes, its reporting platform, which it has developed by maintaining its investments since the day it was established in order to deliver the reports of provided services to brand managers, its regional structure that can provide local service throughout the country and its continuous investments, Pozitera adopts the sustainable total quality principle.

Based on the philosophy of "Marketing Activities Should be Measurable", what Pozitera embraces as one of the most important factors of becoming different is that it is detectable in what way the marketing budgets reach their target and to what extend they are productive when the added-values obtained are compared to budgets.

In order to offer fast service and take swift actions, by realizing the value of the right information obtained in the right time, to provide the fastest service possible without sacrificing quality in all processes of the operation, Pozitera unremmitingly continues its technical and infrastructural investments.